Just before sunrise, I could be found standing behind a tripod aimed at a landscape that can’t be seen. As I patiently wait for the day to begin the sky lightens, stars lose their luster, large rugged peaks begin to stand abruptly against the skyline, almost invisible wispy clouds light up like cotton candy, and pockets of snow from the highest peaks glisten. As the sun rises above the eastern peaks a vista is revealed, in complete silence the feeling of warmth hits my back and a new day begins.  Meanwhile the sound of an occasional shutter breaking the silence is how I start my day. Capturing Colorado’s simplistic beauty is not only a passion but pure source of inspiration to get out and explore everything this state has to offer.

As a photographer I have never set out to make a profit from my work, never put technology before my own creations, but to simply share. Living in Summit County, Colorado has given me an appreciation for nature and all that it supplies for us. While one can capture the mountains through a photograph my mission is to see it from a different angle, to get up early when others are still in bed, to not only view the landscape, but to appreciate them. I’m always learning and admiring other photographers in return to help better my skills. I hope you enjoy my work and in return gain the sense of appreciation for the natural world.

Any inquiries about purchases or hiring please email at PadenDesigns@Gmail.com as for I do provide a wide arrangement of styles.

Thank you,
Patrick Paden